Advantages of a Laser Printer

The main advantages of laser printers are speed, precision and are generally far more cost effective. The cost is greatly reduced by using the New Generation laser toner product. A laser can move fast, so it can "write" with much faster than an ink jet. The laser beam has an unvarying diameter, it can draw with more precision and without spilling any excess ink.

Laser printers' initial cost is greater than that of an inkjet printers, however it doesn't cost as much to keep them running – New Generation toner cartridges cost less and last a long time, while you can use up expensive ink cartridges very quickly. This is why offices typically use a laser printer for printing long text documents. In most models, this mechanical efficiency is complemented by advanced processing efficiency. A typical laser-printer controller can serve multi users in a small office.

For use as a personal printer laser printers have gotten much more affordable. Now you can pick up a basic model for just a little bit more than a nice inkjet printer and run them using the New Generation toner cartridge at a fraction of the cost.

As technology advances, laser-printer prices should continue to drop, while performance increases.