Product History

New Generation has evolved and become a cost effective reliable solution.

The cost of replacing the OEM printer cartridges surpasses the cost of the initial investment in the hardware or printer. Laser printers are sold with a print cartridge that delivers half the prints of the standard cartridge. The printer manufacturer relies on the need to continually replace the printer cartridge or consumable component.

The consumer has in the past placed a larger value on the printer than the consumable, where in retrospect the consumable cartridge component constitutes the largest percentage of cost of ownership. This marketing principle adopted by the printer manufacturers opened up the potential to offer a more affordable solution to the end user.

The idea that to produce a printer cartridge that performed as well as the original product at a greatly reduced rate opened the opportunity for companies to collect used printer cartridges and replace what was necessary to re-use or re-cycle it. The importance of associating or aligning your business with global suppliers of aftermarket product became more important so as to ensure the product being manufactured offered the best solution in the delivery of a matched solution at a greatly reduced rate.


As more components became available the quality of the remanufactured products were improved.

The suppliers introduced components such as “Long Life” drums capable of offering second and even third cycle refills. Components were being over engineered to compensate for the use of old cartridges and their respective components. The remanufacturing industry offered better quality products based on the components replaced by the manufacturer. This had a positive and negative consequence. Due to the broadening range of available replaceable components the cost to bring the latest combination of new technology to market greatly surpassed the older entry level solutions.

New Generation had its birth in 1997, one of the first branded remanufactured products to be marketed as a solution against the original manufacturer’s product.

New Generation products were never compromised in the interests of profit. All new technology was identified and tested as it became available. In pursuit of the perfect solution at a reduced rate no expense was greater than the ideal. This resulted in a product that stands at the forefront of the industry and offers the best solution the industry can offer. New Generation aligned itself with some key global partners who shared the same vision. Today New Generation laser printer cartridges are built from the ground up using only new and in most cases over engineered components designed to offer the consumer a product built to last more than one cycle however sold with a single cycle expectation of the highest standard.

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