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Distribution geared to work

We have the whole world to service and would like to talk to you about a potential relationship based on discounted bulk pricing and discounted solutions to hundreds of end users in your area.


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The product New Generation has always aspired to offer the best solution possible against the O.E.M.’s product.

The objective since inception of concept by remanufacturers in 1997 in Africa was to offer the end user a solution that delivers top quality print at a more affordable rate than the monopolized retail strategy employed by the O.E.M. This objective in concept was well accepted, yet due to an immature industry and the lack of substitute components under delivered on the advertised promise. This has and remains to be the case with most products offered by the aftermarket.

Cases, imaging units, primary charge rollers, wiper blades, doctor blades, gears etc are designed with the expectation to last one cycle by the OEM. Chip technology being the most recent addition to their technology to protect the monopoly of the consumables industry.

This however is no longer the case. New Generation has recently acquired the agency for a range of product for Africa. This acquisition has brought with it the most recent technology available globally. The cartridge no longer relies on any parts or components used or unused from the OEM.

The product starts at plastic injection moulds uniquely designed to meet specific design requirements. Only the best components are used in production line based assembly of the product. Dedicated toner, long life imaging units, primary charge rollers, magnetic rollers, gears, springs, screws etc are newly fitted during the manufacturing process. The resulting product is a Brand New Generation product that works perfectly every time. It is now possible to guarantee quality and quantity without limitation.

When a New Generation cartridge is placed in a printer it is the first time the entire unit is to perform a cycle, once the cartridge has completed a cycle, it would be considered a virgin cartridge. Should your company wish to remanufacture this virgin unit it is a viable proposition due to the quality of the new components placed in the manufacturing of the unit.

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