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Samsung® MLT-D105 Cartridges for ML-1915/ML-2525/ML-2580, SCX-4600/SCX-4623 & Related Printers

The MLT-D105 cartridges are in a large range of Samsung®printers and Multi Function pritners, some of the printers are SF-650, ML-1915, ML-2525, ML-2580, SCX-4600 and SCX-4623. All of these models were launched between 2000 and 2010. These printers print range is 18 to 24 pages per minute and can print 10 thousand to 12 thousand pages per month.
These printers were also aimed at small to medium businesses. With a relatively high page per minute combined with the high duty cycle for this kind of printer it secured a reasonable market share. The multi function units were well suited for small to medium businesses, as they offered multi functionality.

Printers function as they should thanks to the chip technology associated with the New Generation range of products.

New Generation NGD105 is compatible with the printers listed below.

  • SAMSUNG ML-1910 19 Pages per Minute
  • SAMSUNG ML-1915 19 Pages per Minute
  • SAMSUNG ML-2525 24 Pages per Minute
  • SAMSUNG ML-2525W 24 Pages per Minute
  • SAMSUNG ML-2580N 18 Pages per Minute
  • SAMSUNG SCX-4600
  • SAMSUNG SCX-4623FN 22 Pages per Minute
  • SAMSUNG SCX-4623FW 23 Pages per Minute
  • SAMSUNG SF-650 19 Pages per Minute
  • SAMSUNG SF-650 P 19 Pages per Minute