NG 2612a printer cartridge fits the following HP printer units.

Stand alone mono laser desktop printers:

HP 1010, HP 1012, HP 1015, HP 1018, HP 1020, HP 1022, HP 1040, HP 1040Xi, HP 1050, HP 3020

Multi Function Printers:

HP 3050 MFP, HP 3052, HP 3055, HP 3015, HP M 1005mfp, HP M1319mfp. 

Samsung® MLT-D105 Cartridges for ML-1915/ML-2525/ML-2580, SCX-4600/SCX-4623 & Related Printers

The MLT-D105 cartridges are in a large range of Samsung®printers and Multi Function printers, some of the printers are SF-650, ML-1915, ML-2525, ML-2580, SCX-4600 and SCX-4623.

HP® LaserJet® 1160/1320

In 2004 HP® announced the release of the LaserJet® 1160 (20ppm) and 1320 (22ppm) printers, targeted for small and medium sized businesses. This range of printers also offered a higher duty cycle to that of its predecessor capable of printing 10 thousand pages per month.

HP® LaserJet® 1000/1200, 1220 MFP

The HP® LaserJet®1200 printer and 1220 printer/copier/scanner (Multi Function Printer) were introduced in 2001 as replacements for the popular LaserJet 1100/1100a, and included a number new features at the time of release. 

HP® LaserJet® P2014/P2015, M2727

The HP® LaserJet®P2015 desktop monochrome printer was introduced in 2006. It was a low volume, 27page per minute compact laser printer targeted at small businesses and serve up to 10 users. It was followed by the P2014 in 2007 and the M2727 multifunction version in 2007.

HP® LaserJet® P1005/P1006/P1007/P1008

In 2007 the HP® P1005 and P1006 printers were introduced worldwide and marketed as the P1007 and P1008 models.
When you buy the printer the catridge you will receive with it will only deliver 1000 pages @ 5 % coverage. The New Generation NG435 black laser cartridge will deliver double the amount 2000 pages.

HP® LaserJet® P1505, M1120/M1522

The monochrome P1505 was released in November 2007 followed by the M1120 and M1522 MFP in April 2008. All three are host-based printers , meaning the print job is rendered by the computer it is connected to rather than in the printer itself.


NG 2612a printer cartridge fits the following HP printer units.

In August 2003 HP® released the 1012 range of printers replacing the LaserJet 1000 series printers, the HP1010, 1012 and 1015. This range again was directed at the small to medium business.